About Us

Ultrasoft Digital Media is a privately-held company that offers custom moble and web software development, project management, and consulting services for entrepreneurs and early-stage startups. The company's lineage is one of excellence.


Ultrasoft Limited was founded in 1998 in Hamilton, Bermuda to create innovative software for mobile devices.

The company's premiere product, Ultrasoft Money for Palm OS, synchronized directly with Microsoft Money and was an instant hit. Ultrasoft Money won numerous industry awards and accolades, as did the company's other popular titles such as BrainForest and DataShield.

Ultrasoft Digital Media was founded in 2003 in Toronto, Canada to create appliations and digital content for mobile and web applications.

The new company acquired the rights to Ultrasoft Limited's software catalogue. Its exclusive partnership with Microsoft led to the creation of new products, including Ultrasoft Money for Windows Mobile and Ultrasoft MoneyLink for Microsoft Excel.

In 2009, Microsoft discontinued sales of Microsoft Money, and Ultrasoft Digital Media shifted its focus to bespoke iOS, Android and Web software development, and to consulting services for early-stage startups.